What is 2FA?

2 Factor Authentication on Office 365 is designed to protect your account from unauthorised access.

Currently many users only have a username and password and if these are compromised then they give full access to your account.

2FA introduces another form of authentication, much like providing a secondary password which is ever changing.  This additional password can be generated from a mobile phone app, SMS message or even a phone call.

How will it affect the way I work?

Like with your existing username and password, a device can be configured with a trusted link into your Office 365 account.  This means that if you are not currently having to enter your username and password, then we can configure your device to work in exactly the same way.

If, however you are working through the Office 365 portal, you will be prompted for an additional code when you log in.

How much does it cost?

This is a standard feature built into Office 365 so there would be no increase to your regular bills.

We would charge a one-off fee per account for the initial setup which includes reconfiguring your existing devices.

Are there any weaknesses?

This additional authentication is designed to protect your Office 365 account from a remote attack, not your actual device.  If someone gains access to your trusted device, they can still access your account.

Is it compulsory?

Kind of.  We have been using this since Microsoft introduced it to the Office 365 platform.  For Microsoft Partners it is compulsory to have this enabled across any account that has delegated access to another organisation.  It is not compulsory for a standard account, however we cannot recommend it enough.



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