Don’t lose your network

The starting point is to back up your data. The more robust your disaster recovery solution, the more quickly you can get back up and running.

Without a disaster recovery plan to protect your server and other key PC’s within your business, you will be looking at 1 to 2 weeks to get your business back to the same level of IT availability as you had before the disaster. This will include sourcing and setting up all the new equipment and software, recreating user accounts and resetting network devices such as printers.

How much would 2 weeks’ downtime cost your business? Would you survive it?

Don’t lose your data

If you lose all your data and have no backup, the consequences could be commercially fatal.

Did you know that:

  • Over 80% of companies who suffer a disaster can expect to go out of business within 18 months as a result
  • The survival rate for companies without a disaster recovery plan is less than 10%
  • 70% of all successful attacks on computer networks, many of which were accidental, were carried out by employees/insiders

But if you have a backup, then it will always be possible to restore your data and get your business back on track given the right amount of time effort and money.

Disaster recovery solution

Hands On IT has a fully managed disaster recovery solution to support your business in the case of theft, data loss, or any other break in business continuity.

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