Disaster Recovery Plans

Fully managed disaster recovery service

Our solution combines a number of elements to build a secure and flexible service which includes both local and offsite imaging of your server. This means that we are not just taking a backup of your data, but also a complete image of the server, including all the system files and settings, throughout the day on a local NAS (network attached storage) box.

Your image will be stored on one of our loan servers, so that if there is ever a problem, we simply prepare the images and load up a copy of your server into a virtual machine ready to be delivered to whatever location you need.

We undertake regular testing and recommend carrying out an onsite DR test every six months. If you are a fully managed customer, this is covered in your contract.

Internet speed

The offsite replication is reliant upon you having a good internet upload speed to avoid back logs, which might mean your offsite copy is out of sync.

Managed disaster recovery service

This service is the same as the fully managed DR Service above but without the offsite replication to our site. The end user needs to make sure that the USB hard drives are changed every day with the previous night’s backup being taken offsite, as this will then protect you against a site disaster such as fire, theft and flood.

We would use the USBs to transfer the data to a loan server, mount the backup image and get you back up and running. We recommend carrying out an onsite DR test every six months.

Unmanaged disaster recovery service

At the heart of this service is the same hardware and software that we use with our managed services. What we do is supply and install it as a one-off project, then hand it over to you to manage and monitor it.

At a glance

The table below gives you an overview of what is included in our different backup disaster recovery (BuDR) solutions:

Fully managed
Backup only 1
Recovery time 2 2 – 8 hours 1 – 2 days 1 – 4 days 5 days plus
Backup history 6 – 12 months 6 – 12 months 6 – 12 months Normally 2 weeks
System restored 100%    
Guaranteed loan server
Fully monitored
Escalated response if server down 3
Inclusive labour for DR system problems
Onsite and remote DR support  
Automatic offsite data replication
Regular image testing
User time to manage Minimal Minimal High High
  1. This option is shown for comparison only. It is not a sufficiently robust solution, therefore we don’t sell it.
  2. The recovery time depends on the amount of backed up data being restored.
  3. Escalated response times are 2 hours, rather than the standard 4 hours
  4. Our fully managed and managed services include the cost of the BuDR software and updates. For the unmanaged service, you buy the software upright, but will need to buy a maintenance agreement each year to get support and upgrades
  5. Offsite storage is £0.15 per GB