Offsite Backup

Alternative backup technologies

Data used to be stored on tapes and CDs, but these have been replaced by devices with more storage and offsite backup.

External hard drives

This basic backup covers anything from a USB memory stick to any form of external hard drives. They have fast access speeds (making it much quicker to backup and restore files) and can be moved between any machines.

Network attached hard drives

Network Attached Storage (NAS) boxes are left connected to the network all the time. You should regularly take a backup the NAS box, to an external hard drive or an offsite backup solution.

The golden rule for an offsite backup

Once you have a backup system you must check it every day. We have had many cases of customers asking us to restore the previous week’s backup, only to find that the backup has not run properly for a month.

Alternatively, you can choose our managed service plan and we will monitor your backups and many other aspects of your network on a daily basis.