4 great reasons to subcontract the IT relocation to Hands On IT

1: We know how to handle IT

When you subcontract your IT relocation to us, we will create a project plan so you know what is to be done, then make sure the IT is moved and set up properly, so you don’t have to. And if there are any problems along the way, we are the best people to quickly deal with them.

We will also:

  • Liaise with internet and telecoms service providers before the move
  • Install any necessary new cabling and infrastructure
  • Provide loan computers if needed
  • Provide insurance for any kit that is damaged in transit
  • Have an engineer onsite on the first working day to immediately deal with any teething problems and minimise any IT down time at this stressful time

2: We are probably more experienced than your in-house IT person

If your in-house IT team has never managed an office relocation before, there is every chance that they will miss some aspects.

Asking them to physically move all the equipment will take too long unless they have some assistance, but do you really want your staff doing the physical moving of the equipment?

What if they dropped their computer, would you bill them for the replacement? What if one of them hurt their back while picking their printer up? Can you afford the sick leave or lawsuit?

3: We offer guarantees that removal companies may not

Every one of the many removal companies we have spoken to has said they are not able to deal with the IT relocation in the way we can. They cannot offer the technical guarantees that we can, or the additional technical services that come as part of our package.

They only move a pre-packed IT crate and their insurance only covers physical damage caused by one of their operatives. But this only covers the physical replacement, not the time required to setup the new machine or the disruption that this will cause.

4: We are cost effective

When you take into account:

  • The real cost of moving the equipment yourselves
  • How much you would lose in the event of down time caused by a problem during the move process
  • How much it would cost if a member of staff was injured and couldn’t work or sued you

Using the experts to make sure that this pivotal aspect of your move is in safe hands, makes good commercial sense.