We offer a wide range of IT Support plans to suit your business's needs. From fully managed IT Support where we handle your entire IT needs down to ad hoc support for when you look after your IT but need extra support. We can support your whole IT infrastructure - including your servers, desktops, laptops and mobile devices - and your software, including Office 365 and anti-virus security.  IT Support Surrey.

Which IT support contract is right for you?

IT department

You’ve got an IT department or dedicated member of staff – our break fix plan gives you a back-up plan to cover sickness and holidays and extra resource when you need it for large or short timescale projects or maintenance work.

Knowledgeable member of staff

You have a member of staff who knows about IT and does this in addition to their main role – our break fix plan is a good starting point, with the option to add other elements, to provide backup, resource for projects and specialist expertise when required.

The MD manages the IT

The MD or another director manages the IT through necessity but doesn’t really know what they’re doing – our fixed fee plan is a great fit and the cost is quickly offset by freeing up time to work on the business rather than spending hours on the IT.

No IT resources

You have no IT resources and rely on assistance from a friend, family member or one-man band – our fixed fee or fully managed plan will be perfect, meaning you will never be left high and dry and will always have access to the expertise you need as your business evolves.

IT support plans at a glance

Here is an overview of our IT support plans to help you decide which is best for you.

Break fix
Fixed fee
Fully managed
Who it is forYou look after your IT but need extra supportYou have little in-house IT knowledge and want to outsourceYou want ultimate protection and peace of mind
DescriptionBuy hours for any IT work including support and projectsUnlimited onsite and remote support plus server and PC monitoring and maintenanceOur fixed fee plan plus managed security and managed disaster recovery
Financial riskYoursOursOurs
Technical riskYoursOursOurs
CostBased on hours purchasedBased on number of PCs and serversBased on number of PCs and servers
Need support now?

If you are an existing customer and need support, you can open a ticket or start a remote support session from the list below:

If you are not a client, but would like support or advice, please call us on 020 8649 9911.