Break Fix Plan

How the break fix plan works

Our support service is based around a 1-month rolling agreement. We won’t tie you in to a long-term contract, because we feel that the onus is upon us to maintain a level of service that you are happy with.

We will agree a monthly retainer which covers a pre-set number of hours per month (minimum one hour) and how you want to use them. This could include:

  • Software, hardware or internet problems
  • Cabling issues
  • Systems upgrades
  • Meetings where an IT representative is required

You might want reactive support, contacting us when there is a problem, or a proactive service, where you buy the hours you need, then add managed services to fit your budget and needs.

Response times

Support hours are 9.00 am to 5.30 pm, Monday to Friday. We will always give an escalated response time for critical equipment or any situation causing a complete loss of IT service.

These are our maximum response times – but we aim to be faster wherever possible:

Telephone 4 Hours
Onsite call out Next day
Project work By arrangement

How much it costs

Under our break fix plan, you will get a discount on our standard rate of £80 per hour. This discount increases the more hours you put into your pre-set plan.

Monthly retainer
Discount on standard hourly rate
1 hour per month 10%
2-4 hours per month 20%
5 or more hours per month 25%

Unused hours are automatically rolled forward to the next month. And if you need more time one month, this will be charged at the same rate as your break fix plan.

Block hour contract

You can also choose to buy a block of “break fix” hours up front to use when you need them. You still choose what you use the time for and will get the same level of support as on the monthly break fix plan. You will receive a discount on the block of hours, as follows:

 Number of hours
Discount on standard hourly rate
10 10%
20 20%
25 plus 25%