Fully Managed Plan

Our fully managed plans normally include:

  • Escalated 2-hour response times for server down situations
  • Managed security
  • Disaster response solution
  • Storage craft imaging for each server covered
  • Short term loan of a suitable server where necessary
  • Optional offsite replication solution with even faster server recovery times

Managed security

Full endpoint security for each protected device providing local antivirus, antispam and protection from other malware threats while all updates and maintenance are automatically dealt with and monitored so that the end user or local IT admin doesn’t have to worry.

Managed disaster recovery service

The managed disaster recovery service puts in place systems that will allow us to recover your server from a major disaster more quickly than from a normal backup. The plan includes monitoring, regular testing and unlimited onsite and remote support for the disaster response solution.

Storage craft imaging

Storage craft imaging on the local network for each server covered means that if a server fails, it can be restored to a loan server much more quickly than buying a new server and installing from scratch.

How the fully managed plan helps your business

Unless you have a full-time skilled IT manager, things such as back-ups, software updates and rogue programmes can be easily missed, potentially meaning that you lose data or the server goes down – usually when you can least afford it.

Using a professional company means that you can focus on your business, knowing that the IT is being proactively managed and monitored, saving you time and downtime.

How much it costs

We will conduct a free audit of your current systems to determine how many PCs and servers you have, as well as the age and condition of the equipment. Once we have the information we need, we will provide you with a personalised quote for 12 months’ fully managed cover.

Any extras?

As with the fixed fee plan, there are some areas that fall outside the fully managed plan:

  • Project work, e.g. new equipment or software
  • Network upgrades – hardware or software
  • Damage to any hardware through misuse or malicious behaviour
  • Replacement of lost or stolen equipment
  • Parts for repair or maintenance through general wear and tear, such as printer fuses
  • Consumables, e.g. printer toner or backup tapes

The good news is that fully managed plan customers will get a 25% discount for any additional work.