Microsoft has decided to bring the UK Microsoft Office 365 charges in line with the rest of Europe and will be increasing their rates from the 1st of January 2017 by 22%.

All new subscriptions from that date will be at the higher rates and existing subscriptions will automatically change on the anniversary of your contract. Any new contracts setup up before the end of the year will lock in the current prices for 12 months.

Fix Microsoft Office 365 prices for 12 months

If you currently pay Microsoft directly by credit card, changing the way you pay for your existing subscription will lock in your current prices for 12 months.

Microsoft is keen for customers to work more directly with retailers and IT partners, so they have put together the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. A CSP subscription means that you get exactly the same Office 365 service and pricing as you would by going to Microsoft directly.

If you decide to be billed via Hands On IT (or an alternate IT service provider) before the end of 2016, you will fix your pricing for 12 months.

Hands On IT will then bill you by direct debit, which may suit you better than credit card, and will be your main contact for accounts and technical queries. There will be no interruption to your services.

Things to consider

If you are not VAT registered this may not be for you as Microsoft Office invoices come from Ireland and are not subject to VAT. If your IT provider is based in the UK, they will add VAT which would make your Office 365 subscription more expensive.

Not all IT providers will offer a 30-day contract – some may have a 30-day rolling agreement at the same price that Microsoft charges for their 12-month contract.

Hands On IT does offer a 30-day contract.

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