Yes, we do sell computers which may come across as curious in an age where you can buy online, often for less than you would pay on the high street, so why is it that our customers still opt to buy computer and other IT equipment from us?

On price alone, we don’t compete with online retailers or “box shifters” when you are buying a new computer, but we set the machine up for you and offer a much higher level of service, as well as protection should things go wrong.

What we sell

We sell servers, desktops, laptops and tablets, as well as computer peripherals. Because we have a detailed knowledge of your business and network, we are able to advise what best meets your requirements, in a way that an online retailer cannot even come close to.

What is included in our price

Our price includes:

  • Research to make sure the computer is suitable (along with the financial implications if we get it wrong and have to change it)
  • All standard delivery charges
  • In most cases we invoice you on account, instead of you paying upfront
  • Unboxing and testing of the unit at our office
  • Pre-configuration of the machine (instead of doing it yourself or paying us to)

If you need it, we can also quote for setting up all the software on the machine, such as Office 365.

Sometimes machines are faulty. If this turns out to be the case, our price will also include:

  • Advance replacement if the unit fails during testing, rather than waiting for a swap out
  • Dealing with the manufacturer if there is a fault, either at testing or after the initial install
  • Machine swap out in the event that the computer continues to have on-going problems

The last point is where the biggest risk is for us, as it does happen. In which case, we will take the hit and pay for a brand new machine ourselves, even though the old one is useless.

Find out more

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