Protecting your IT network is essential to your business security; without it your network may be hacked, you lose valuable data or even your whole network. The financial and reputational impacts can be fatal.

We provide antivirus security solutions to our customers to protect servers, desktops, laptop and, often overlooked but extremely importantly, mobile devices. We recommend a number of different software providers whose products we have thoroughly tested. These include two of the longest-established brands in this field, AVG and Trend Micro.

Benefits of antivirus software

The main purpose of antivirus software is protection, including:

  • Finding and blocking threats such as viruses, spyware and other malware
  • Providing a firewall to protect your network
  • Blocking dangerous websites when browsing
  • Password protection
  • Safeguarding privacy on social media
  • Preventing phishing attacks and guarding against identity theft
  • Online protection for shopping and banking
  • Anti-spam filters

In addition to these protective measures, the antivirus software we provide you will also:

  • Come with real-time security updates, so you are always protected
  • Provide full support
  • Clear clutter and free up disk space on machines
  • Speed up your machines
  • Cover mobile devices, with iOS and Android support

Additional security

Antivirus software is fundamental, but you can go further to ensure your IT security.

We offer additional ransomware (also known as cryptoware) software solutions to protect your network from attacks by cyber criminals. This software will work in partnership with your antivirus software.

And if your business relies completely on your IT – perhaps your customers can log into your systems to access their data, or you hold sensitive data on your customers – we can undertake a penetration test of your network to expose any vulnerabilities, so that these can be fixed before criminals find them.

Find out more

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